The Ice Dam Cometh

Hello everyone and welcome back! It's been two months since my last post, but a cross-country move doesn't happen quickly and I've just begun to get settled. I have to say that although quite brown, New Mexico is a beautiful and I'm loving the warmth. Today I wanted to talk about a very real threat …

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Adventures in Cloud Seeding

Hi everybody,   Call it a lack of interesting weather news, an overcrowded schedule, or maybe just writer's block, but blogging has been at a crawl lately. In order to spark some life back into this page I've decided to return to my favorite topic: cloud seeding. Cloud seeding has a long history, not all …

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Ernesto and tropical storm conditions

Before I start anything, I'd like to congratulate all involved in the Curiosity landing. This is a process that goes back years and involves thousands of people, many who will never be known publicly. It's such a huge achievement and I'm looking forward to the high-quality photos we should receive later in the week. Now …

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