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Seen something on wildcard weather that has got you curious to learn more? I’ve kept links to all of my sources here (Wikipedia not allowed).

Sources from the more recent posts

Pollen Bloom in North Carolina

Blood Rain in India

Blood Rain in Spain

The Great Kentucky Meat Shower

Raining Fish in Mexico

Deformation Zones

Snow Detection in Weather Satellite Imagery

Cloud Detection over Snow and Ice Surfaces

RAMMB: GOES-R Proving Ground Blog

Snow, Fog, and Low Clouds in Central Europe


The Bergeron Process

Cal Tech – SnowCrystals.com

The Weather Prediction Center – Pineapple Express

Cliff Mass Weather Blog – Pineapple Express

Weather in a Tank ā€“ MIT

State Climate Office of North Carolina

NWS ā€“ State College

Storm-E Weather Simulation

NOAA ERH Newsletter

NWS-Buffalo Lake Temperatures

November 17-20, 2015 Buffalo Snow Totals

Government Sources

American Global Forecasting System


National Weather Service – Home

NWS NCEP Model Guidance

NWS – National Hurricane Center

NWS – Storm Prediction Center

NOAA Hurricane Season Prediction

Weather Calculator (Courtesy NWS El Paso

NWS Storm Assessment Teams

Global Patterns (State Climate Office of North Carolina)

Nation Severe Storms Laboratory

NASA Earth Observatory

Private Sources

Weather Underground

Weather Channel

Mike’s Weather Page (Great for hurricane lovers!)

MIT’s Project Icarus (weather balloon kit)

How Rainbows Form

Antarctic Climate Change

Coronal Mass Ejection

Hyperphysics-Blue Sky

Arctic Climate Change

NWS Albuquerque’s Balloon Fiesta Climatology

The North American Monsoon – Jeff Hawks

Contrail Science

NOVA: The Contrail effect

Live Science: Contrails and Climate Change

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