To the Moon, Alice!

Along the Eastern seaboard? Look to the skies to glimpse NASA’s LADEE, off to study the moon’s thin atmosphere. Thick enough to study, but not for weather. The launch is soon, tonight at 11:27 EDT.


CBS Boston

With generally quiet weather this evening, why not take a stroll on this chilly evening with a cup of coffee and take in the night sky? NASA is planning on making it worth your while, with a rocket launch from Wallops Island, VA. This rocket will carry the LADEE (pronounced ‘Laddie’) – an explorer that will be used to study the moon’s atmosphere. Yes, the moon *does* have an atmosphere…just an extremely thin one. Here’s a look at the spots that will be in the viewing area after launch, which is schedule to take place at 11:27pm EDT.


More good news on this – the weather looks great for pretty much the entire viewing area. Clear skies abound along the East Coast! Here in New England, just look to the southeast sky right after launch.

You can read much more about the mission and possible viewing here:

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