Ernesto makes landfall, set to make landfall again

Hello everyone,

Story of the day is still Ernesto even though it has no bearing on weather in the United States. To be honest I’d like to move on from the subject and on to something new, so lets run through the major points on Ernesto.

Ernesto made landfall on the Yucatan last night while I was writing my post. It was a Category 1 hurricane at the time and quickly weakened to a tropical storm. As I type now its back over the Bay of Campeche, where it should re-strengthen to a hurricane before once again making landfall. I found a couple pictures taken today of Ernesto’s impact on the Yucatan coast. It came ashore with 85 mph winds and a storm surge of 2-4 feet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Right now I’m working on a little talk on soundings, weather observations done by weather balloon. I’m going to include a few photos from a weather balloon project I did a few years ago as well. If I don’t have it up tonight I’ll make sure to post it tomorrow.




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