Wildcard Weather is Moving!

Good morning, I know you've all noticed that blogging has been slow lately. Well there is a good reason. I will be moving from Boston to Albuquerque, NM next month to begin a meteorologist position out there. I'm expecting the move to be quite hectic so this blog will officially be put on hold for …

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Atlantic & Pacific Tropical Update

One more plug for the guys over at Riverhawk Weather. Check them out and give them a follow. Look out for a new wildcard weather post soon.


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Unbelievably, Dorian is still clinging to life in the western Atlantic.  He is no real threat to land at this point as shown by the first image above and the second image shows that the center of Dorian is really an open swirl with no real convection near the center.  Expect Dorian to continue to drift to the northeast away from the Carolina coast and dissapate out to sea.

Across the rest of the Atlantic not a whole heck of a lot is going on.  A massive dust storm has been taking place over the Saharan Desert and that dust has been blown out into the Atlantic Ocean.   This dust and subsequent hot air are covering a large expanse of the mid and upper atmosphere over the central Atlantic.  This air is very unfavorable for tropical development as it is very stable.  Very warm air aloft prevents thunderstorm…

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A Peek At Your Weekend Forecast

From my friends at Riverhawk Weather. They are all graduates of UMass-Lowell’s meteorology program (like myself) and they do a great job with their forecasts. Give then a follow!


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As we enter the middle of summer, we here at Riverhawk Weather know that like many across the country that you want to get away for the weekend!!  And we also know that you want to know what the weather is going to be like in your area so you can plan accordingly.

Looking ahead, our country can basically be broken in half right across the middle.  In the world of weather, the jet stream can be thought of as a highway for weather systems.  Outside of the tropics, the jet stream is largely responsible for the type of weather that you are experiencing.  For example at this present moment, the jet stream is located up in Canada.  Which is why the majority of the country is baking under the hot sun.

This weekend though, a portion of the jet stream is going to sag to the south into the…

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