This Man Wants To Power The World With Tornadoes

Hi all, Short post tonight. Saw this article and I had to share it. It's from PopSci and it's about Louis Michaud and his idea to produce energy with tornadoes. I love the idea, and no, that's not the same as saying we should implement it ASAP. What I love is using the physics of …

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UPDATE: El Reno, Union City tornado widest tornado on record

An update on the deadly twister from this past Friday. Just one incredibly large and powerful tornado.

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The National Weather Service has just upgraded the May 31 El Reno, Union City tornado to an EF-5 with a width of 2.6 miles wide, making it the widest tornado ever documented.

EF-5 is the highest possible rating for tornadoes on the Enhanced Fujita scale.

El Reno tornado track May 31 Emily

The upgrade was based on information from OU RaxPol Doppler data or mobile radar data, that measured low level winds of 296 miles per hour.

The National Weather Service said some of the subvortices had a forward movement of up to 180 miles per hour.

This tornado is double the width of the May 20 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

The F-4 Wilber-Hallam, Nebraska, tornado May 22, 2004 was the previous record holder for the widest tornado on record at 2.5 miles wide.

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Here are photos that our viewers and…

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