DYK? Wonderful Window Frost

Welcome back for another year of Wildcard Weather! Albuquerque had two cold fronts move through during the past week. For most areas, that would mean measurable rain or snow. But not here in the desert, by the time the fronts reached us here in Albuquerque most of the moisture was gone. Instead we ended up …

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DYK: “Chemtrails” are a lie!

Good evening everyone, There's a lot of jet contrails in the sky today, and that's not surprising considering my proximity to Albuquerque's Sunport (an international airport) and Kirtland Air Force Base. The contrails are the long, crisscrossing lines formed by passing planes. Unfortunately, many people don't understand what contrails are and make wild "chemtrail" accusations. …

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Did you know? The Nor’Easter Name

Good evening everyone, Now I grew up in Boston, and something you have to deal with in Boston (especially this winter) is nor'easters. Nor'easters are strong winter storms that intensify off the American northeast or mid-Atlantic coastline and deliver strong winds, coastal flooding, and plenty of rain or snow. They are a winter phenomenon, but …

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